Our Work

We have the capacity to galvanize extra wide products like the 7' wide by 15' long stairways below. Our deep tank allows us to galvanize the largest of commercial products. We take special care of delicate and fragile items such as decorative balcony railings. We do a variety of galvanizing for the trailer manufacturing industry - boat trailers, sprayer trailers, agricultural trailers and industrial trailers. Finished product can be custom bundled and banded to your specifications. This makes direct, job site shipments easy for you. Odd shaped and complex items are not a problem for Moore Quality Galvanizing. We can hot dip galvanize the most complex item.

Our large lot allows ample room for drop ship trailers in our secured storage area. Drivers don't have to wait at Moore Quality Galvanizing. We have quality inspectors to insure that the completed products have the best possible finish. If items are longer that 32' we can double-dip to a maximum of 55'.


Our plant is located in Central California off of Highway 99 approximately half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.



Our kettle size is 32'long x 7'wide x 9'deep. This is the widest kettle in the western United States. Various other "oversize" frames or assemblies can be successfully galvanized when the designer and galvanizer can coordinate the design parameters in advance of fabrication.